Marketing scheme:


Have you ever had a game or games, gaming accessories and did not know what to do with them? Ever went to the gaming store and got little to no money for your items? EZ Games is here to get you the most bang for your buck by providing a platform for gamer's to buy or sell and also trading games and accessories at a low cost of only 3$. 


Our Story:


The EZ Games platform was developed from an idea that gamer's need to be valued. Having experienced the rip off major companies incorporate into their sales, we know that gamer's should get more for their games and accessories when selling and trading.




EZ Games envisions the world to connect through gaming. Gaming has manipulated society through various ways and we want to take that aspect and with it show our perspective on how EZ gaming should be


Our approach:


We strive to provide the simplest and economical way to buy, sell or trade games through the EZ Games platform. We here at EZ Games work diligently in making sure we provide an unparalleled customer experience and do our best to make sure consumers use our platform for business continuously to find great games for the right price. We aim to establish EZ Games the way that gaming should be. 


Message to customers:


We hope to provide you with an unrivaled game buying, selling and trading experience. We here at EZ Games do everything within us to make sure that the customer is satisfied.


Message to parents:


EZ Games know the struggle of gamer's parents and the idea of this platform stemmed from that frustration. EZ Games is not the rip off gaming platform, but the platform that is dedicated to catering to the wallets of customers and parents. We want parents of gamer's to know that we work for you in providing and alternative so that your gamer's games don't go to waste.